Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training is Necessary in 2024

In 2024, the necessity of cybersecurity awareness training is more critical than ever due to the advanced threat landscape, stringent regulatory requirements, and the significant role of human error in security breaches. This article explores why organizations must invest in comprehensive training programs to protect against sophisticated cyber attacks, ensure compliance, and foster a security-first culture.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Regulations: HIPAA, HITECH & More

SelTec explores the key regulations shaping healthcare cybersecurity, including HIPAA, HITECH, and others, through this examination of their implications and compliance challenges. Learn about the advanced technologies and strategies healthcare providers employ to protect patient data and ensure privacy. Gain insight into the evolving landscape of healthcare IT regulations and the critical role of cybersecurity in maintaining patient trust.

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An Overview of IT Compliance

IT compliance has emerged as a critical component, particularly in an era dominated by digital transactions and data-driven decisions. The concept refers to the adherence to a set of guidelines, regulations, and standards that govern the management and security of information systems. This guide provides an overview of IT compliance, highlighting its significance, standards, and challenges.

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How Long Does It Take to Get SOC 2 Compliance?

How long does the SOC 2 compliance process take? In pursuing SOC 2 compliance, organizations embark on a journey that varies in duration based on the type of report - SOC 2 Type 1 or Type 2 - and a host of other factors. This guide explores the intricacies of these paths, shedding light on the timeline and processes involved in achieving this crucial standard in data security and trust.

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